Meth Screen Testing

Methamphetamine, commonly   known as  meth, crystal meth, ice, speed or P, is a serious social, economic and environmental  problem affecting the lives of many  Australians.

Meth contamination in living environments is a rapidly growing problem where the number of users has trebled since 2011.  Regular smoking of meth inside a home can return readings as high as those produced in a meth lab.  Meth residue is odourless and invisible and exposure can cause a wide range of health problems.

A contaminated property can have serious consequences for Home Owners, Buyers, Sellers and Landlords of Investment properties.  Early  discovery can make remediation less expensive and can also protect against liability and financial loss.


SUNSTATE PROPERTY COMPLIANCE ,  as  Inspection Partners with  METH SCREEN AUSTRALIA, can offer a custom, lab-based methamphetamine test to screen residential properties.

If you suspect or are concerned about a property, a meth screening test will be the first step in ensuring the property is habitable for both prospective owners and tenants.

This Initial test pre-screens the property to establish a base line status for presence of methamphetamine. If results are above the acceptable level  we will refer you to  Meth Screen Australia

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