Terms of Service

Standard Terms of Service

Thank you for choosing to use our services and for supporting a Sunshine Coast family business.

In these terms and conditions of service, “we” “us” and “our” refers to McGrath Family Trust in Trust for Sunstate Property Compliance QLD PTY Ltd ACN 637601971 and “You” means the managing agent.

We reserve the right to alter these terms of service by written notice to you.

Our Services

Our services are provided on an Annual Subscription Service (Packages) and a Pay-Per-Service (Additional Services) basis.

Our Annual Subscription Service provides nominated properties on your rental roll with an annual service inspection and ongoing maintenance of smoke alarms OR an annual service inspection and ongoing maintenance of smoke alarms with the addition of corded blinds. Safety switch sighting is the default option included in all packages; safety switch testing is only included if requested in writing by you for the Nominated Property. In addition to compliance inspections we may attend the nominated property to replace or service a malfunctioning alarm, these services are included in your Annual Subscription Service.

Our Pay Per Service basis covers additional services provided separately to our Annual Subscription Service: Pool Compliance and Methamphetamine Screening.

Enrolling a New Property

Any workorder issued by you for a property not already covered by our annual subscription will be placed on either our:

  • $79 or $99 annual subscription if not 2022 compliant.
  • $119 smoke alarms only if already upgraded to 2022 regulations. Please advise us if you wish any new properties to be placed on the $169 smoke alarms and corded blinds package.

Attending a Property

We use the following standard procedure:

  1. Workorder received requesting our service
  2. We schedule the work order and 48 hours before our attendance we issue an entry notice to the tenants or contact them directly to schedule an appointment.
  3. 24 hours before our scheduled appointment we will send a required key list to the agent.
  4. Our technician attends the property and services the smoke alarms, safety switch and blinds as per the property’s subscription package.
  5. A Compliance Report is sent to the landlord or the agent within 24 hours.
  6. If required, an invoice will be sent to you within 48 hours.

Keys for Enrolled Properties

You authorise us and our team or representatives to collect keys and access the relevant property for purposes of servicing / installing smoke alarms or other property compliancy services. We confirm that we will return these keys to the place of collection.

We do not accept any responsibility for these keys prior to them being collected or following their return.

We confirm that all information relating to property keys remains confidential and is held in a secure system on our database in accordance with our privacy policy.

Competitor Take over Service

Should you wish to transfer to our services from those of a competitor, you have the following options:

  1. Give notice to immediately terminate services to your current service provider. SPC will take over the property
  2. Give notice to terminate services to your current service provider at the end of your current service agreement. Services with SPC will begin from this end date.

Smoke Alarm Quality

Smoke alarms installed and/or serviced by us are certified as being compliant in accordance with the legislation regulating the inspection and maintenance of smoke alarms in Queensland: All alarms meet AS 3786. All our services are carried out by our qualified electricians and / or our trained technicians.

Smoke Alarm Warranty

We offer a standard 5-year smoke alarm warranty on smoke alarms installed by us for properties enrolled in our Annual Subscription Packages. This warranty does not cover deliberate damage caused by tenants or if the alarm has been removed or is missing since our last service. In these circumstances, replacement of these alarms will not be covered under our standard warranty and a replacement charge will be forwarded to you to pass onto the tenant for payment.

If a property is no longer under an annual plan with SPC, the 5-year warranty on the smoke alarms will still apply but we will charge a call out fee of $125 (+ GST) to attend, inspect and replace any alarms.

Ceiling Height

Current OH&S Standards require that our technicians do not work alone or without extra safety equipment on smoke alarms positioned on ceilings higher than 3m. We may need to provide such properties with a separate quote.

Fire Panels

We will not service properties with smoke alarms connected to a Fire Panel that is managed or connected to the fire service.

Electrical Work Carried out by non SPC Electricians

If a property owner chooses to use their own electrician to install / service / replace a smoke alarm, we must be provided with a compliance certificate on completion of the work to update our database.

Relocation / Removal / Replacement of Smoke Alarms

The position of each smoke alarm is governed by regulatory requirements. It may therefore be necessary for our technician to relocate a smoke alarm. Our technician will repair any damage as best they can but please note that damage left by a previous installer can be as varied as a cable hole to screw holes. There is also likely to be paint discolouration where the alarm has covered the paintwork. We take no responsibility for any plastering / painting required to restore the ceiling to its original condition.

No liability is incurred during the period that a smoke alarm is found to be defective and replacement should we be required to obtain an owner’s consent for this work to take place. We will never leave a property unsafe and 9v smoke alarms will be temporarily installed. These temporary alarms will be installed for a maximum of 30 days. After this period, you will be charged for this alarm (s).

Installation of a 9v Temporary Alarm

If permission to replace an existing alarm cannot be obtained and it is necessary for us to install a temporary 9v smoke alarm to meet smoke alarm regulations and ensure the property is complaint, we will charge a fee of $35 per alarm.

Call out Charges / Reattendance Fee

Should we attend a property not on a current SPC annual subscription plan, we will charge a call out fee of $125 plus the cost of any required alarms: 240v alarms are charged at $155, 9v alarms are charged at $35.

Should we need to reattend a property at no fault of our own we will charge a re-attendance fee of $79.

Compliance Report

We will complete and send compliance reports after attending a property within 24 hours.


The Annual Subscription Service commences on the date of the first inspection of the nominated property and is renewed annually on the first day of the corresponding month with invoices being issued on the 1st day of the 12-month subscription anniversary. These terms of service are repeated and apply.


Invoices are payable within 30 days of issue. Failure to pay an invoice may result in a suspension of our services to you and your work orders may be placed on hold until payment is received. Any invoices unpaid for more than 30 days after date of issue may be charged interest.

Cancellation of Our Services

You can cancel your annual subscription at any time. Services will continue until the end of your billing period unless we are advised otherwise. To the extent permitted by law, payments are non-refundable, and we do not refund partial periods.

In using our service, you undertake that:

  1. You have agreed to these terms and conditions.\
  2. You have obtained the consent of the owner of each nominated property for us to provide our service to that property.
  3. It is your responsibility to pay us directly for the subscription services for each nominated property and you have made the appropriate arrangements with the owner of said property.
  4. You will provide us with a Work Order to service the property on the event of the following: lease renewal, new lease, annual service, and problem alarm.

All our prices are quoted inclusive of G.S.T.

Annual Subscription Packages Information

$79 and $99 Annual Subscription Packages

These package is for properties built before 2017 without substantial renovations that have not been upgraded to meet 2022 QLD legislation requirements, that is they do not have interconnected photo-electric alarms. Smoke alarm compliance specified to the Fire and Rescue Services Amendments Act
2006.  Please note that for the $99 annual subscription when we attend a property for the first time, first attendance, we will charge for replacement of faulty or expired alarms.  Current prices are $35 for a 9v and $125 for 240v alarms.

From 1st June 2020:

  • if we attend a newly enrolled property that is 2022 compliant and the property is enrolled in either the $79 or $99 package it will automatically be changed to either the $119 Annual Subscription or the $169 Annual Subscription if blind compliance is needed. This will be invoiced after our first attendance visit.
  • if we attend any property on an existing annual subscription that has been upgraded to meet the QLD 2022 smoke alarm regulations it will be automatically moved onto the $119 smoke alarm only package on the renewal date of their annual subscription. Please advise us if you would like to move to the $169 Annual Subscription Package which includes corded blind compliance

$119 and $169 Annual Subscription Packages

These annual subscription package apply to properties built after 2017 or any newly subscribed property that has been upgraded to meet 2022 QLD smoke alarm legislation requirements, that is they have interconnected photo-electric alarms. It ensures compliance with the new QLD legislation as set out in the Fire and Emergency Services (Domestic Smoke Alarms) Amendment Act 2016 and the Building Fire Safety (Domestic Smoke Alarms) Legislation Amendment Regulation 2016.

Replacement of faulty, expired, or damaged alarms outside of warranty or not installed by SPC will be charged at $155 per alarm. Additional electrician fees at $75p/h for 240v alarms may be added as required. We reserve the right to increase the cost of alarms if necessary.

Corded Blinds

Corded blind compliance is only offered as part of a smoke alarm service package. Corded blind compliance checks ensure compliance with the Trade Practices (Consumer Product Safety Standard – Corded Internal Window Coverings) Regulations 2010 and the Competition and Consumer Corded Internal Window Coverings Safety Standard 2014. Our technician will make certain that compliant and working tensioning devices are fitted to all corded blinds, including cord guides, cleats and warning labels.

The installation of these devices ensures the occupant(s) have the necessary devices to tie off the blind cord and meet the required safety standard. We do not accept any liability for damage, injury or death caused by the failure of the occupants to use these devices, remove these devices or incorrectly use these devices.

We cover a maximum of 10 blinds per property after which there is a charge of $5 per blind.

Cords that are too tangled to be fixed will be left with a warning tag, but it is the responsibility of the agent to arrange for the cords to be untangled.

If we are required to install cleats or warning labels, you agree for us to screw into wooden frames and/or concrete walls to ensure the blinds/windows are compliant and secure.

Corded blind compliance will be noted on your compliance certificate.

We do not replace or repair corded blinds.

Safety Switch Testing Service

Safety switch sighting is automatically included at the time of your scheduled smoke alarm inspection. A safety switch function test is only carried out if requested by you in writing and / or in a work order. We do not check the time it takes for a safety switch to turn off the power nor do we determine which electrical appliances or lights are protected by the safety switch.

Should a safety switch fail it is your responsibility to arrange for our electrician to repair / replace or you can make your own arrangements.

When testing a safety switch, we will make any individuals at the property aware that electrical devices will be temporarily disrupted.

Entry notices issued to tenants will ensure tenants are aware that a safety switch test will be taking place alongside a smoke alarm inspection. It is you or your tenant’s responsibility to ensure electrical equipment is switched off prior to our attendance.

We do not accept any liability for loss or damages incurred during Safety Switch Testing.

Meth Screening Service

This service is available to be booked as an additional service outside of a SPC smoke alarm subscription package. This service provides a base-line level of methamphetamine in the property detailing whether a level above 0.5μg/100cm2 has been detected. You will be sent the results within one week of the inspection. We do not offer a decontamination service, and should the property require this service you will need to contact an appropriate professional.

Our technicians use the NIOSH 9111 (2011) method collecting several samples from different locations within the property. These samples are then sent to our screening laboratory partners ACS Laboratories for analysis.

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